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In the precious path of our lives every day stands out, shaped and closes. But what makes a day really special for you?


Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, surprises or just life itself, which can create the unsaved desire to remember a special day away from everyday life?

At Old City Hamam we transform your desire into a special day through a journey to the authenticity of Hamam, to the provision of our luxury services and the most important value, that of yours, beloved companions on this route.

Choosing your own special day for you and your loved ones, we provide its design, picking you up from your place and driving you safely, to the unique experience of Old City Hamam:

In a place created on the basis of the authentic Hamam experience through the natural heat that the Ancient Greeks called "mute doctor" and which in oriental culture leads to purification and balancing,

in an alloy of cultures that highlights the authentic identity of Old City Hamam, where you are welcomed by professional physiotherapists, highly trained for your personal care.

Enjoy Private high quality services with natural products in the stunning landscape of the marble Hamam, feel the natural heat surrounding you and travel with the taste of fresh dishes from the City in an absolute pampering experience for you.

Special Day I:
The Royal Spa Experience

- Receiving from your place

- Privé (Hamam)


- Hamam Experience

- Exfoliation and Massage all over the body

- Regeneration and hydration mask with honey, lavender & sesame seeds

- Facial treatment with Argan Oil with increased vitamin E, or "the liquid gold of the Desert"

that unlocks the beauty of your skin through its undeniable therapeutic action

Special Day II:

Premium Special Day includes the entire package by offering you an extra 1 hour of Swedish Massage.

The application of the treatment is based on heated organic oil enriched with precious essential oils.

As the oil heats up, releasing intoxicating aromas.


The aim of the treatment is deep hydration and detoxification, while essential oils offer deep relaxation and valuable

beneficial properties in the body.

© Old City Hamam

Athens/Acropolis -

Choose your own Special Day and live it!

Follow your desires.

Transform the moment to a Special Day.


T: +30 210 924 6666

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